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    People Watching At The Airport

    Airports are interesting places.  There are so many people coming and going for a magnitude of various reasons, and I just can’t help but ponder those reasons.  There are [...]
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    Leaving Home (MatadorU)

    Submitted my first assignment for my travel writing course with Matador Network.  I received some encouraging feedback as well as constructive criticism on it, and have [...]
  • Sleeping in Hammocks

    Stages Of Traveling With A Friend

    You start off with travel plans – writing a list of where you want to go, what you want to see, and what you want to experience.  You are both super excited to be [...]
  • Bowlake3

    Reflections On Bow Lake

    Captured a few gorgeous photographs of Bow Lake, Alberta early morning when the shadows were just right… … as you can see, it was definitely worth getting up [...]

Traveler Spotlight

Michael is a Norwegian traveler who has spent the last few months living and working in Paihia, the Bay of Islands, NZ. He will soon be heading down to Wellington, my hometown. Michael documents his travels by writing in his blog and has recently started making monthly travel videos, which he definitely has a knack for. Check out his adventures by clicking the photo above.

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