Autumn Leaves

In New Zealand, we don’t have many deciduous trees that change colour or lose their leaves with the change of seasons as they do here in Canada… Naturally, Autumn succeeded in bringing out the inner child within the Kiwi visitors.  Sheer joy!



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7 Comments on Autumn Leaves

  1. I know just how you feel. Tasmania has more deciduous trees than South Australia where I used to live and I love seeing the leaves change colour in the autumn here. I have kicked up a few piles of them myself!

  2. Same here. If ever I see a red or orange leaf, it quickly gets pressed into a memory book! Lol. We have an average of one week of official Autumn before Winter comes a knockin’…

  3. This is a perfect post. may I suggest making a huge pile then jump on into them?

  4. It does not matter if the inner child sees leaves falling every year or just once in a while, you should always enjoy playing in the fallen leaves as well as enjoying their colours, they are part of the gift of nature to us!

  5. I think the needs to play in the leaves is universal – and wonderful. Thanks for your photos and sharing – I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog. :)

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