Travel Plans For December

I have travel plans!  It’s one of the most exciting feelings in the world!  I booked some time off for the beginning of December, but unfortunately exciting plans to go to Las Vegas didn’t quite work out (I’ll get there one day!).  Well I’ve still got time off, and I’m not going to spend it sitting around – instead I’m going to have some fun with it.

Where am I going you ask? London, baby! …London, Ontario, Canada, that is.

Out of all the places in Canada I have yet to explore, one might wonder why I’m going to somewhere random like London, ON.  Did I accidentally book a flight to Ontario, on the premises of thinking I’d scored a really cheap flight to London, England?  No.  Did I blindly throw a dart at a map of North America and hope for the best?  No.  There is in fact a really good reason why I chose London, Ontario.

Almost 5 years ago now, I went on my first overseas trip by myself to Paris, France.  After getting frisked multiple times by airport security in Australia, then getting told in Beijing that my seat was double booked and I might not be able to get my connecting flight, I finally got to Paris.  There I had a fantastic time and met a great group of people who I gladly still keep in touch with.  Over the years we’ve all gone on to do our own thing in our own little corners of the world as life has taken over, but there will always be special memories from that trip to reminisce over.  I finally get to reconnect with a little piece of that in the form of a friend who I haven’t seen for nearly 5 years.

It was January 2009, and I vividly remember telling the awesome Canadian girl I had just met that one day I would visit her in Canada so we could play in the snow together.  Maybe it took a while, but that day is finally approaching!

December 6th, I will be boarding a plane and flying out to London, Ontario.  My flight over will be with WestJet directly from Calgary to London.  It is cheaper to return with a different airline and because a plane is a plane (though I will never again fly with JetStar!) that is what I’m doing.  Strangely enough, with the return ticket it is actually cheaper to fly from London first to Toronto then onwards to Calgary as opposed to directly from Toronto to Calgary, go figure!  One would think since I would have to take two planes instead of just the one it would be more expensive, but Canada logic dictates that it is actually $40 cheaper.  The pricing scale is bizarre!

Toronto to Calgary = $276

Toronto to Calgary = $276

London to Toronto to Calgary = $235

London to Toronto to Calgary = $235

I’ll also be saving about $100 by booking one-way flights in either direction from different companies.  If I were to book both my departure and return flights from solely WestJet or solely Air Canada it worked out to be more expensive.  Trolling through flight websites in my spare time has finally paid off!!  It didn’t take me long to work out, and I am rather proud of my $100 savings.  Perhaps it isn’t that much, but I now have extra spending money on vacation which is always handy.

I am super excited to catch up about life over the past 5 years with my dear friend, excited to explore London guided by an awesome tour guide, and excited to build a snowman in Ontario.  London trip, the countdown has begun!

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3 Comments on Travel Plans For December

  1. How exciting…hope you have an amazing time on your trip!

  2. Great prices, good hunting down deals and have a great time.

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