A Perfect Snow Day

Not too many people here in Canada who I talked to were excited about the prospect of it snowing on Sunday.  Well it did snow, and instead of being lame and complaining about it, my friends and I went out and rolled around in it (literally).  It doesn’t snow where we are from in New Zealand, so naturally we were a little too excited.

There is a place here called the ‘Sugar Bowl’, which is a park area right on the edge of the ‘coulees’ (hills).  It is one of the spots in the otherwise flat area of Lethbridge where you can go ‘tobogganing’ (sledding).  I guess when it snows it’s meant to resemble a bowl of sugar?  That’s my best guess as to why it is called that.

The Sugar Bowl

The Sugar Bowl

Well, we went sledding tobogganing there on Sunday, and apart from the parents who were coerced to bring their children to play in the snow, we were the oldest ones there.  I’m pretty sure everyone else around was under 10 years old; even so I do think we were the ones having the most fun.  I sure was until I got tricked into going face first into a huge pile of snow, after that I wasn’t really too impressed with the damn cold white stuff.

Excited about sledding!

Excited about sledding!

Snow Angel

Formation of a Snow Angel

After a while of rolling around, making snow angels, throwing snowballs, pushing each other into the snow, and a failed attempt at a snowman because it wasn’t the correct type of snow (who knew there was more than one type of snow!), we finally started to feel a little chilly.  The best way to warm up like a true Canadian after playing in the snow is to stop by at Timmies aka. ‘Tim Hortons’, which is basically the Canadian version of Starbucks, but cheaper.

After warming up with some hot showers, Rachael had the brilliant idea of a Sunday roast dinner and Kelsey had the brilliant idea of mulled wine.  Nothing could be a better combination to conclude a fun day of playing in the snow.

Mulled wine was the priority of course.  According to the guy in the liquor store the best wine to use is Merlot OR Cabernet Sauvignon, we were unable to decide which type we wanted so we decided to mix the two together.  Our recipe was this: Two bottles of red wine – one merlot and one cabernet sauvignon, three sliced oranges, a heaped tablespoon of honey, a few sticks of cinnamon, topped off with some cloves – mix these all together in a large pot and heat (but not boil) for 25 minutes on the stove – voila, the perfect mulled wine ready to enjoy!

Mulled Wine in the making

Mulled Wine in the making

To accompany our wine and feed us, we had a wonderful roast chicken stuffed with a lemon, which had a perfect flavor and created perfect gravy too.  As a side we assembled a medley of assorted vegetables that turned out to be simply divine – roast potatoes, sweet potato (kumara), beetroot, carrots, and pumpkin (my job was to cut the pumpkin… which turned out to be a rather difficult job actually).  To complete the dish, we also had some boiled peas on the side.  I call that a perfect Sunday evening winter meal.

Cutting the Pumpkin

Cutting the Pumpkin

Finished Product

Finished Product

In conclusion, Sunday was one hell of a day, first with the excitement of playing in the snow, getting a warm sugar fix with some hot chocolate from Tim Hortons, and topped off with a delicious mulled wine and a delectable Sunday roast.  All the ingredients of a perfect snow day right there!

2 Comments on A Perfect Snow Day

  1. Snow already!? Wow!!! Nice dinner, girls! I need to start making Sunday roast dinner as a tradition!

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