Sometimes when I think about it, I’m not entirely sure how I ever managed to obtain a bachelor’s degree at university.  Almost all of my assignments were completed with last minute frantic all-nighters.  Let’s say an assignment was due at 9am Friday morning, it was almost certainly not started until sometime between 11pm – 2am the night before.  Somehow I was never really motivated unless the pressure was on.

So what happened when I signed up to an online writing course, which pretty much doesn’t have a deadline?  Procrastination to the max.  The course is interesting so far and I would really like to progress further, unfortunately until I complete the first assignment I am unable to move on with the next chapter.  But without a deadline to complete the assignment, the urgency has just not been there.  What has resulted is the fact that I started my assignment on the 11th of the October and completed a draft that I haven’t touched now for over a month.

Now I’ve acknowledged that something needs to change and I have taken the first step.  Cue celebratory fireworks!

I am currently at Starbucks writing this blog and in effect further procrastinating my assignment, but I do plan to get to it next!  The reason I decided to venture out of the comfort of my own home and the comfort of my very comfy bed, is the pure fact that if I hadn’t, I’m pretty sure I would still be in bed right now doing nothing productive at all – probably even napping.  When I’m out in a public place like this, I actually start to feel guilty for spending hours upon hours on Facebook along with other time waster websites.  I start to feel paranoid that the surrounding people are secretly watching me and judging me if I look like I’m not doing anything productive – in turn, I end up being extremely productive (while still having the occasional peek at internet cat videos).

Another reason I’m going to work on my assignment today is that I have self imposed a deadline.  Wednesday the 4th of December at midnight – and now that I have told the world, I’m not one to back out.

Now I go, motivated to work on said assignment… going to ace this!

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1 Comment on Motivation

  1. The best job for procrastinators… Journalism/news! The deadline is always “right now!” and I get a new assignment/deadline everyday! how I survived college is a mystery! I’d go back for my masters if it wasn’t for all those assignments and looming deadlines! lol

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